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Our Story

We have opened these restaurants for the joy of serving friends and making an atmosphere that everyone who walks in the door feels like family.

Some of our guests will know us from our previous diner in Rockledge that was so successful. We found that we missed them and our team so much that we had to do it again. 

We started Merritt Island Pancake House in 2016, with both of us having full time jobs. Kelly has been a nurse at Rockledge Regional for almost 30 years, while Steve was in retail for 30+ years and was a district manager also running Merritt Island Pancake House. He would start each day out at the restaurant prior to going to his regular job.


It began as a weekends-only restaurant and a hobby for us, but our plan changed with the love and support Merritt Island has shown us. 

We moved from weekends only to seven days a week, and we continued to receive support from patrons all throughout Brevard and even the rest of the country as well, as customers would often stop in coming to and from the cruise ships. Because of this, Steve was able to quit his job as a district manager and focus on running the Merritt Island Pancake House. 

We have been able to give amazing support to our community as well, as we have done multiple fundraisers and fed local community members for free (teachers during Spring Break, government workers during the 2019 shutdown, etc.) 

Despite the current pandemic, our Pancake House has thrived so much that we took the opportunity to expand to Rockledge and open a second location, My Island Pancake House. Our transition has been outstanding and we could not be more thankful. You will find both of visiting both locations on the weekends, and we encourage you to stop and say hello. 


We do our best to provide great food that we will be proud of, and you will enjoy. We cook simple food, but we work hard to ensure each plate passes our test prior to serving it. We are not just pouring it out of a can. This is about the love of cooking good food and producing an experience that you and your family will look forward to each visit.

If anything you order is not to your liking, please tell us and we will make you something else. If you tell us your experience reminded you of a family gathering, that would be the best compliment we could get. 

We do not do any major advertising. It's about word of mouth from you, our guest. If you enjoy your visit, please rate us on Trip Advisor, Yelp, or Google. This helps drive our business without the cost of advertising. 

We ask everyone that visits with us to support the locally-owned breakfast diners on Merritt Island and Rockledge. You will see us, when we are not working, at those diners as well.

All of these owners deserve our support to allow everyone to succeed. We know many of these owners and they work so hard! Please support all local eateries. 

Please follow us on Facebook for specials and pictures of "Max" our handicapped Dachshund. If you can fall in love with a dog by his picture, Max will be the one!

We hope you love "your" new place and our team. 

Thanks for your support!

Steve and Kelly

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