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Frequently Asked Questions at Merritt Island Pancake House

Waiting for Service

How long are your wait times?

Our wait times can vary heavily depending on the day and time. Most weekdays we usually do not have a wait time, and patrons can be sat immediately. On weekends, we often do have a wait, and these can exceed 30 minutes during peak times (usually 10 - 12 pm). Due to COVID restrictions, these wait times might be further increased as well. We are always working hard to get you sat as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.


Can we be seated while waiting for our other party members?

Due to our high volume of patrons, all members must be present to be seated. This goes for any table or booth inside. We understand that our patrons often drive far and try to reserve a space early for other party members, but we are not able to hold tables while waiting for others to arrive. We will do our best to ensure your comfort while you wait, but we highly encourage all patrons to arrive with their group at the same time.

Can we call ahead to hold our place in line?

We do not allow patrons to call ahead to hold their place in line. If there is a waiting list, patrons may walk in to get their name on the list, but if their name is called, all party members members must be present to be seated. If your group is called and the entire party is not present, we will have to move on to the next group. Once the rest of your part arrives, please let us know, and we will honor your place in line.


Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations. Our seating is all first come, first serve. All members of the party must be present to be seated at a table or a booth.

Can we sit at the bar or outside?

Yes, bar and outdoor seating are available. These are first come, first serve, and all party members are recommended but not required to be present for service. 

Our bar has limited seating, and we must have enough space between parties to abide by CDC guidelines. Our outdoor seating can usually accommodate larger parties.

(Patrons are welcome to wait at the outside tables for service inside, but if a party requests to be sat outside, we may politely ask you to get up for us to use the table to service. Patrons are welcome to wait in their cars as well.)

Please ask if you would like to sit at the bar or at an outside table.

Can we sit at a table?

If your party has 6 or more, you will most likely be sat a table. 

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