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Our Guidelines and Procedures

at My Island Pancake House

The health and safety of our team and patrons is our top priority. We are doing our best to provide the safest environment as possible in this time of national crisis. Read here about our procedures that are taking place. 

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.

Please understand that while our restaurant already experiences heavy wait times often during peak hours, COVID restrictions may increase those wait times as we work hard to ensure we are meeting these guidelines. This means you may see us stop seating to count patrons in the restaurant, and we may have to pause seating while we wait for others to leave the building. We also may have to ask you to wait outside while we work to keep our numbers below capacity. Our Rockledge location in particular has very limited space for waiting inside.

If you are waiting in line to be seated, we will give you a buzzer that works throughout the parking lot, so you are encouraged to wait in your car where you may be more comfortable. 



Handwashing Station

Handwashing is considered one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You will see our employees washing their hands frequently during service. We now have a three-person customer hand washing station (hands-free operation!) as you walk in the door. Click here to see our recommendations on handwashing.

Temperature & Wellness Checks

We take the health of our staff very seriously. If an employee is exhibiting any COVID-related symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, etc.) we send them home per the CDC guidance.  

If any patron is experiencing symptoms while in the restaurant, we politely ask them to leave the premises.

Limited Seating

To ensure that social distancing guidelines are being met, we have an updated capacity number displayed at the front of the restaurant. We are currently seating at 50% capacity. (As usual, all party members must be present to be seated.)

While we do still have tables for large parties available, we can only seat up to 10 people at a table. If your party has more than 10, we will have to ask you to break up your party into multiple sections. This may require a longer waiting period, but we always do our best to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

We have a bar section that is still in service, but social distancing guidelines are still followed, and only members of the same party are sat near each other. 

Plexiglass Installments

We now have plexiglass installed between many of our booths. This ensures a comfortable dining experience for everyone.

Contactless Checkout

Our new registers allow for a non-contact checkout. If paying with card, you can insert / swipe your card at the front of the register. No signatures are required.

Alternative Dining Options

We want to provide as many options for you to continue dining with us as possible.

You may walk in or call to place an order to-go. (Note: At peak times we may have to suspend to-go orders to allow our kitchen to catch up.) We encouraging calling ahead to ensure we can place your order. 

You may walk in to pick up, or call for curbside pickup and we'll bring the meal out to your car. We'll bring a portable checkout device so you don't have to enter the restaurant. 

Our special park & dine service gives you the functionality of full service from the comfort of your car. When you arrive at the restaurant, please call and let us know you'd like to do park & dine. We will ask the make/model and color of your car, and we will come out with a big board to place across the windows of your car. You server will take your order and bring it out in all to-go packaging, and you can eat in your car. When finished, you can come in to pay, or at your request, we will bring our checkout device out to you. 


We do not currently have outdoor seating available, but we plan to have this in the future. 


Our employees are required to wear masks during service hours. Patrons are not required to wear masks, but are strongly recommended. 

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